Recently I picked up the guitar again, after a layoff of about 10 years, and started singing and playing at the local open mic night.

I should add that I was nothing like a good guitar player previously, so I can safely still describe myself as a beginner’. One difference about learning any skill now compared to back then is that there are all kinds of helpful teaching videos on YouTube – you can enter ‘how to play <song title>’ and there’s a fair chance someone has posted a tutorial.

Today I had a bit of a breakthrough in my guitar playing thanks to this ‘How to play If You Want Me To Stay’ video by ‘St33lio’. When I saw what he was doing, I practiced until my fingers could take no more. How come no-one ever told me about the lazy way to play minor 7 chords? Yet now I realise I’ve seen people doing this loads of times, and never known what they were doing. Suddenly all kinds of things become possible to play that I couldn’t manage before.

Which prompts a coaching type question, should you choose to consider it: what easy thing are you missing in your life/work/business that other people are doing as standard but you don’t know about yet?


What I’ve learned from learning guitar (1): there are easier ways out there

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