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What makes the difference between the average performers and the stars in your team? More than any other factor, it’s emotional intelligence.

This new book tells you how to hire emotionally intelligent people – without blowing your budget on expensive assessments. The right questions to ask, how you need to be as an interviewer, and how to guard against your own unconscious bias – it’s all here.

Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • What Emotional Intelligence is, and why it matters
  • What the different competencies of Emotional Intelligence mean in a work context
  • How to put the interviewee at their ease
  • The unseen dangers of unconscious bias, and how to guard against them
  • How to use ‘Behavioral Event Interviewing’ to uncover the qualities you’re looking for
  • Example interview questions for specific competency areas
  • How to make sure you get a candidate whose values are a good fit
  • How to find ‘people-oriented’ people
  • How to discover how much feedback the candidate needs to stay motivated

… and more!

Here’s the book – it’s a fluff free guide to hiring for emotional intelligence that’s out now. Currently it’s only available in Kindle format. I’m planning a print edition, but don’t hold your breath!

This link should take you to the Kindle store you normally use:

How To Hire Emotionally Intelligent Talent: The Smart Way To Hire Emotionally Intelligent People Without Using Expensive Assessments, And Minimise Unconscious Bias In Your Recruitment Processes

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Want To Hire Emotionally Intelligent People For Your Team? My New Book Will Help

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