Introducing Gervase Bushe’s concept of the Experience Cube (part of his Clear Leadership model) and how it can help you to be a more effective leader, develop your self-awareness, and build your ‘non-anxious presence’

Interview by Gavin Ingham for his Thrive Project

Recently I was interviewed by my friend Gavin Ingham (top motivational speaker and sales guru) about the Experience Cube and how it can help you be a more effective leader.

If (like me) you prefer learning by reading, I also wrote a short introductory article about the Experience Cube.

Plus you can still view the replay of the webinar about the Experience Cube that Elar Killumets and I did recently, and we will be holding more in future.

And here are some more articles Elar and I co-wrote inspired by the Experience Cube and the Clear Leadership model:

Are You A Leader? Here’s The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Combat Anxiety In Uncertain Times

What Most Leaders Are Getting Wrong About Empathy, And Why That’s Dangerous In Times Of Change: Part 1

… and you can probably guess from that ‘part 1’ in the title that there is a lot more to come, culminating in a full Clear Leadership online course – contact me if you are interested in that.

The Clear Leadership model was developed by organisational development guru and leading Appreciative Inquiry practitioner Gervase Bushe – I can highly recommend his book Clear Leadership: Sustaining Real Collaboration and Partnership at Work.

(I encourage you to join Gavin’s Thrive Project by the way – it’s packed with free video interviews with experts in business and personal development, to help leaders & professionals to refocus, regroup & rebuild)

This article is based on ideas from Dr Gervase Bushe’s Clear Leadership approach. We will be running a full Clear Leadership online training in the autumn. You can register your interest in the training here.
(You’re not committing to anything at this stage, but you will qualify for a 20% discount on the training fee)

Video – Andy Smith On How To Use The Experience Cube To Be A More Effective Leader

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