Coaching is an essential part of the leader’s toolkit. Done well, it develops the next generation of leaders, inspires people to break through their limitations, and creates a workplace where people want to belong.

Done badly, or in the wrong circumstances, and it becomes a box-ticking exercise that’s demotivating to both manager and coachee.

Our practical, hands-on coaching skills training ensures everyone understands what coaching really is, and provides a number of instantly-usable coaching formats for different situations, including:

  • The ‘EQ Quadrant’ to apply emotional intelligence to decisions and improve working relationships
  • The ADEPT Model: appreciative, solution-focused coaching to improve performance
  • The ‘Disney Strategy’ for creative thinking
  • The SCORE Model for mapping out any ‘problem space’, allowing solutions to appear
  • The “Levels of Change” Model for personal or team alignment
  • The GROW Model (enhanced with NLP and solution focus insights)

You will learn how to use each of these formats in one-to-one and/or group coaching.

These modules can be mixed and matched to tailor a one- or two-day course to your needs.

Contact Andy Smith at to discuss your needs.


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