‘Think-Pair-Share’ is a tried and tested method for getting learners to reflect on and deepen their understanding of material. It also has the advantage of breaking your course content up into memorable chunks, and helping your students to stay engaged and interested, so it’s a win-win all round. Here’s a very useful summary in graphic form from cultofpedagogy.com:

Think Pair Share

‘Cult of Pedagogy’ is a great blog and podcast for teachers. Some of the episodes are very useful for corporate trainers and people working with adult learners as well. Here’s the transcript of the episode about Think-Pair-Share which goes into more detail about how to get the best from it.

(Hat-tip to Garry Platt on LinkedIn for making me aware of this technique – he posts lots of interesting stuff about learning and training and is well worth a follow)


How To Improve Your Training With Think Pair Share

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