Lots of subscribers have told me that they found last month’s round up of the best AI resources on the web useful, so I’m keeping it going for now.

Here are five resources and articles that I’ve learned from and found useful recently:

  1. Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres interviewed about their excellent book ‘Conversations Worth Having’ and how to overcome polarisation
  2. A guide to crafting appreciative questions
  3. And another guide to crafting appreciative questions by Bliss Browne (Word document download)
  4. Appreciatively Inquiring in Early Care and Education by Ellen M. Drolette
  5. A doctoral thesis by Robert Brooks about using Appreciative Inquiry to improve teacher stress in a secondary school

If you found this resource round-up useful, let me know in the comments – I’ll keep it up as a monthly feature as long as readers want it.

And remember there are lots more Appreciative Inquiry resources collected here!

Do you want to open up new possibilities for team coaching and motivating and engaging your staff?

What new ideas to turbocharge your effectiveness could you come up with, by applying Appreciative Inquiry to your existing expertise?

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The Best Appreciative Inquiry Resources On The Web – September 2021 Round-Up

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