Update: Well, time’s moved on. The Manchester Business NLP and Emotional Intelligence Group is no more, and Jenny is now Jenny Ainsworth – you can find her at jennyainsworth.com. I expect that she’s only got better as a speaker!

At our most recent meeting of the Manchester Business NLP and Emotional Intelligence Group we were lucky enough to have Jenny Flintoft of Rock Solutions as our guest presenter. I have been aware of Jenny as an intelligent and effective thought leader in personal development since I came across her P.O.W.E.R. acronym for goal setting (you have to admit it sounds a bit more energising than ‘SMART’ or ‘POSIE’), and as a decent human being since she let me use the acronym in the goal setting segments of my NLP Diploma and Create The Life You Want courses.

So I was expecting quite a lot, and got even more! Jenny is an inspiring and high-energy speaker who engages the audience and comes across as warm, funny and approachable. I came out of the meeting feeling determined to raise my own game as a speaker, trainer and coach. She’s one of the best speakers I’ve seen in 13 years of running NLP groups, and we have already invited her back for next year.

Speaker recommendation: Jenny Flintoft (now Ainsworth)

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