A growing collection of free resources to learn about Solution Focus

This list is continually being added to, so be sure to check back occasionally.


What is Solution Focus? – a brief introductory article from Coaching Leaders


Thoughts on helping clients with dilemmas with Solution Focus – in-depth Facebook article from Evan George.

Questions to build detail in Solution Focused Practice – another Facebook article from Evan George.

Why Solution Focus doesn’t look for causes in client thinking – a great deep dive into why solution focused practice (he’s saying therapy but it could be coaching as well) doesn’t attempt to look for causes or mechanisms in client thinking.


How To Use The Miracle Question – in coaching, in therapy, or as an aid to problem solving in any context. Article by Andy Smith.

Scaling – how to use scaling questions. Article by Andy Smith.

Going “one louder”: what if you scale your life up to 11? – how Spinal Tap enriches Solution Focused Practice.


Improvisation Can Help to Heal — Even Trauma, Even Alzheimer’s – interesting article about how an ‘improv’ attitude to the world can help with all sorts of problems (the claims of the headline as regards Alzheimer’s rather depends on how you define ‘healing’, I think).

Better Decision Making With Solution Focused Coachingarticle by Mark McKergow (I think you’ll have to set up an account with academia.edu to read it, but it’s free).

Solution Focus in GP consultations

Solution focused practice with children and young people toolkit – from the NSPCC. Looks like good stuff too – very inventive and imaginative.


Solution Focused Advent Calendar 2019 from Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat

Some solution focused quotes


3 Scaling Questions From Solution Focused Therapy: How to use Scaling to break down Black and White Thinking by Mark Tyrell

Solution Focused Therapy And Coaching – interview with Chris Iveson


Simply Focus Podcast #79 – Flow: Where Solution Focus meets Improv with Paul Z Jackson

The Solution Focused Podcast – the official podcast of the UK Association for Solution Focused Practice. Interviews with SF practitioners, so loads of good, practical ideas.


Book review: The Solutions Focus: Making Coaching and Change SIMPLE

The Solution Focused Book Club – each month they do a live session over Zoom where they discuss a chapter from a book about solution focused practice.

Other Resources

Solution News – Free articles about Solution Focused Practice from the UKASFP

The Solution Focused University – offers free access to all the resources on their site for 30 days, no card details required.

The InterAction journal archive  – lots of papers, cases, book reviews, interviews, classic papers and more from 2009- 2016