I’ve read that the great thinker and management guru Peter Drucker said “there are two types of people: one kind of people are into results, the other kind are into reasons”. Reasons why they cannot produce results (this is where I read it – without additional evidence I can’t say for certain if it was Drucker that said this originally, or someone else).

The truth is, everyone could find reasons why they don’t get the results they want, if they look for them; in their upbringing, in their education or lack of it, the class system, the way whole groups of people are discriminated against, maybe even their genes. As you know, many people who have achieved great things had to overcome massive challenges to get there – so maybe there are educated, well off, middle aged white males who could blame the fact that they never had to overcome massive challenges as the reason for not getting results.

As the African-American bestselling writer and coach Steven Barnes says, I don’t know a single human being who doesn’t have perfectly understandable reasons for being a basket case.

But as he also says,  “The truth is, life doesn’t care. We just have to learn to get on with it. We can have either reasons to fail, or the results we want. You don’t get to have both – and whichever one you choose, you have to live with the consequences of your choice.”

When I first got into NLP, about sixteen years ago, I used to get turned off by NLP trainers – mostly American I have to say – whose marketing materials said things like  “This course is not for whiners!”  I found that judgemental; I’ll admit it, I judged them for it.

Now, I can kind of see what they meant. I still wouldn’t label anyone as a whiner, but it is useful to be able to identify that behaviour. If you are a parent, or if you’ve been a child, you’ve probably encountered a lot of whining: “Mum, he’s stolen my toy!”   “She won’t stay on her own side!”  and so on. In many families that behaviour is rewarded or reinforced with attention of one kind or another, so the child is encouraged to do more whining whenever it wants to get out of doing something.

As an adult, things are different. If you want the results, and you want them 100%, then you are the one that has to do something to make that happen. No amount of whining is going to make the universe do it for you. Whining has no function for adults.

So, you can have reasons, or you can have results. Which one will you choose? From the fact that you’re reading this blog, I m guessing that you’ve chosen results, and all the rewards that come from your choice.

Self-empowerment: will you choose Reasons or Results?

One thought on “Self-empowerment: will you choose Reasons or Results?

  • This is so true, I've spent the last few days imparting this message to various people. Oftentimes we don't listen we get 'stuck in our own misery' with reasons and the results? Go floating by…….

    Thanks Andy

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