Refresh your knowledge, kickstart your confidence to use AI​

"I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of great materials you've made available to me (and to the world!) All this has exceeded my expectations, many thanks and well done on this!"

Who is this course for?

If you’ve attended my  Practical Appreciative Inquiry course in the past, and you feel the need for a refresher, or if it’s been a while since you’ve used Appreciative Inquiry in practice and you feel the need for a confidence-boosting kickstart, this course is for you! 

If it’s been more than a couple of years since you took the course, you’ll also find some useful new material.

Although this was designed as a refresher course, I’m not taking any knowledge for granted.  So while nothing can replace participating in a live Appreciative Inquiry process (as we do on my live trainings), this course could also serve as someone’s first introduction to Appreciative Inquiry.

In fact, I will probably offer this course eventually as an intro to Appreciative Inquiry that anyone can take – but at double the price that you get it for! 

I’ll be adding some extra exercises and maybe some additional exercises to make the course work for people completely new to Appreciative Inquiry – you’ll get access to these as well at no extra cost as they’re added.

This offer is open to you whether you attended one of the open courses, or if you came on one of the many in-house AI courses I’ve run.


As an open-to-all course it will be offered at £197, but for a limited time graduates of my ‘live’ Practical Appreciative Inquiry course can get on board for only £97!

(prices are in GBP because the vast majority of ‘in the room’ Practical Appreciative Inquiry courses I’ve run have been in the UK).


What's In The Course?

Pretty much everything you’ll need to get started with using Appreciative Inquiry with teams and small groups – plus plenty of ideas for scaling up to larger group sizes!

The course contains 42 instructional videos – 2h 43m altogether – plus downloadable transcripts and audio.

There are also review questions after each video lesson, and opportunities to ask questions and have them answered by me or by your fellow students.

You get lifetime access to the course, plus any future upgrades.

Topics covered:

    1. What Is Appreciative Inquiry?
    2. The Neuroscience Of Appreciative Inquiry
    3. Built-in Negative Bias And Why We Should Redress It
    4. Principles Of AI 1: The Constructionist Principle
    5. Principles Of AI 2: The Anticipatory Principle
    6. Principles Of AI 3: The Poetic Principle
    7. Principles Of AI 4: The Positive Principle
    8. Principles of AI 5: The Simultaneity Principle
    9. Introducing The 5D Format
    10. The Definition Stage
      • What Happens In The Definition Stage?
      • Why Use Affirmative Topics?
      • What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Affirmative Topic?
      • A Quick Way To Define Your Affirmative Topic
      • How To Flip Any Problem To An Affirmative Topic Without Ignoring Negatives
    11. The Discovery Stage
      • What Happens In The Discovery Stage
      • Why We Do Appreciative Interviews
      • What Appreciative Interviewers Need To Understand
      • A Business-Friendly Appreciative Interview Format
      • How You Can Use Appreciative Interviews
      • How To Identify Themes From Appreciative Interviews
      • How To Do Appreciative Interviews With People Who Are Feeling Negative
      • How To Use Appreciative Inquiry With Dull Or Uninspiring Topics
    12. The Dream Stage
      • What Happens In The Dream Stage?
      • Example Questions To Get People Dreaming
      • One Possible Protocol For The Dream Stage
      • Provocative Propositions
      • Provocative Propositions In Larger-Scale Change
    13. The Design Stage
      • What Happens In The Design Stage?
      • How To Run The Design Stage With A Team
      • Practical Considerations For Facilitating The Design Stage With A Team
      • The Disney Strategy For Creativity (a brainstorming method you can easily plug into the Design stage)
    14. The Delivery Stage
      • What Happens In The Delivery Stage, And How To Select From The Ideas Generated In The Design Stage
      • A Quick, Participative Process For Getting To A High-Level Plan
      • How To Manage Participation In Building Plans
      • ‘Delivery’ Or ‘Destiny’?
    15. Implementing Appreciative Inquiry
      • Ways To Implement Appreciative Inquiry (1): Appreciative Team Development
      • Ways To Implement Appreciative Inquiry (2): Appreciative Inquiry Summit
      • Ways To Implement Appreciative Inquiry (3): Whole System Dialogue
      • Ways To Implement Appreciative Inquiry (4): Appreciative Team Meetings
      • Three Questions For Designing Your AI Intervention
      • When To Use AI – And When Not To Use It
    16. How To ‘Sell’ Appreciative Inquiry To Skeptics
    17. Additional Resources
      • Course manual
      • Practical AI Toolkit
      • Links To Further Resources

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