Following on from the last article about the differences in psychology and brain structure between ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’, here’s a fascinating video of a TED talk by Jonathan Haidt on the five moral values that form the foundation of our political outlook. 

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Plus, he’s set up a site (www.yourmorals.org) where you can take an assessment to find out how you compare to typical ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ in the importance you ascribe to each of the five scales: 

1) harm/care, 2) fairness/reciprocity (including issues of rights), 3) ingroup/loyalty, 4) authority/respect, and 5) purity/sanctity. 

In the interests of transparency, here’s my score (in green): 


Politics and psychology – test your moral foundations

One thought on “Politics and psychology – test your moral foundations

  • I am really impressed by this post. With all that you have taught for eons, I have really learned many things concerning politics and psychology. I am looking forward to read more of your posts.

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