Who is this course for?

If you are a manager or professional who wants to improve your people management skills and personal effectiveness by adding NLP and coaching skills to your repertoire, this is the course for you!

Independent coaches and consultants who want to help their clients get better results by increasing self-awareness and learning practical, easy-to-use self-management and goal-setting methods will also love this course.

If you don’t currently see yourself as a coach, you will come out of this course confident that you have the skills to help people improve their performance, and knowing how to get clear about where you want to go and tap into your resources to get there.

If you are already an experienced coach or consultant, this course will give you experience in using new models and interventions, and new perspectives on how to help your clients.

What is different about this course?

I have been using NLP as a change agent for 15 years and training NLP Practitioners for 10. This course aims to equip you with the most practical and useable skills in the NLP toolkit, plus the perspectives and interventions from related approaches including Appreciative Inquiry, Solution Focus, and Emotional Intelligence that I have found most useful as a coach and corporate trainer.

This course won’t ask you to adopt a new belief system, or pressure you to whoop, high-five, or hug the person next to you. What it will ask you to do is take responsibility for realising your own potential and reconnecting with your best self – and give you the tools to do it.

What the course covers

Day 1:

  • What is coaching?
  • What is NLP?
  • Principles of each
  • Being ready to coach – awareness and attention
  • Rapport
  • The Discovery Frame

Day 2:

  • Coaching with the GROW model
  • Representation systems test
  • Submodalities and how to use them
  • Accessing resources – state management and elicitation
  • Contagious emotions / emotional intelligence and leadership
  • Basic anchoring – the ‘Circle of Excellence’
  • Conversational anchoring

Day 3:

  • Rapid learning/Neural networks/ Pattern interrupts
  • The Swish pattern
  • Coaching for Emotional Intelligence
  • Using questions in coaching
  • Keeping a positive view of the learner

Day 4:

  • Why learning goals are better than performance goals
  • The Appreciative Approach
  • The ADEPT Model of coaching
  • Structuring the coaching journey
  • Boundaries in coaching
  • Values elicitation
  • How to set POWER goals
  • Goal setting and installation on the timeline


Who is the trainer?

Andy Smith is an NLP trainer and emotional intelligence coach, with 10 years experience of running NLP Practitioner courses. He is the author of Achieve Your Goals: Strategies to Transform Your Life (Dorling Kindersley 2006), Practical NLP: How to use NLP principles to improve your life and work, even if you’re not NLP trained (Coaching Leaders 2013) and The Trainer’s Pack of NLP Exercises (Coaching Leaders 2010).

Questions? Call Andy Smith now on 0844 284 6372 or email at andy@coachingleaders.co.uk

2 thoughts on “NLP and Coaching Foundation

  • Good afternoon,

    I was wondering when the next availability for the above course is?

    Many thanks

    Oliver Dear

    1. Hi Oliver,

      Currently this course is only available for in-house corporate training. However, if there is enough demand I will run an NLP Practitioner course in the UK which will incorporate everything in this course plus a lot more! Quite a few people have registered their interest already so we’re nearly at the point where we can decide on dates. I’ll email you separately to see if this is something that interests you.


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