Leadership EQMy new e-book, Leadership EQ: How To Lead With Emotional Intelligence, is now out. It’s the first in the ‘Quick Personal Development’ series, designed to provide no-frills, no-fluff answers for specific problems or challenges you may be facing.

Here’s what the book is about:

How do you get better results from your team by being a more emotionally intelligent leader?

That’s the problem this short book is designed to solve. It’s a distillation of what the author has learned in 15 years of studying emotional intelligence, and coaching and training managers in practical skills.

In this book you will learn, among other things: when “why?” is not a useful question, how to hire for emotional intelligence, how to resolve inner conflicts, why you should care about ‘negative’ people in your team (and how to bring them around), and how your actions may have been sabotaging your leadership without you even realising it.

By the end of this book you should have gained a better understanding of how the mind and human relationships work, increased your self-awareness, and picked up some practical tips for leading with emotional intelligence that you can start using straight away.

Do let me know what you think of the book by leaving a review on the Kindle store!

NB this link should take you to the book’s page on the Kindle store you normally use – if not, change the .com in the link to .co.uk or whatever.

Leadership Emotional Intelligence Book Now Available

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