1. Close your eyes and just pay attention to your breathing. You don’t have to change your breathing in any way at all, although you may find that in a short while it shifts into a more relaxed pattern by itself.
  2. If you get any ‘mental chatter’, just let it happen. Left to itself, it will calm down.
  3. As you stay focused on your breathing, you will find you notice certain sensations more than usual. Notice how the air you breathe in is cooler than the air you breathe out.
  4. Each time you breathe in, let your attention follow each in-breath a little deeper down inside.
  5. When you are ready to come back, open your eyes and feel refreshed.

This is a brief extract from my book , Work/Life: Achieve Your Goals (Dorling Kindersley 2006). 11 reviews on Amazon so far, all of them 5-star!

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Instant mind-clearing

One thought on “Instant mind-clearing

  • Very simple Andy and helpful for people. Thank you. Great for those particularly that are overly focusing on negative events in the past or future. When people do this they are creating stress for themselves in the present, which triggers their stress response and robs them of joy in the moment.
    Kind regards, Michael at http:///www.elevatedtherapy.org.uk

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