In the sense of how open or closed you are to other people’s ideas. (sorry seventies disco fans)

There’s a fun quiz on Shelle Rose Charvet’s web site here where you can check out your “Macho Factor”.

Here’s her definition of “Macho”:

When a person becomes Macho, they operate as if they believe the following:

    *  They already know everything there is to know
    *  They do not have any problems; they and everything connected with them are perfect
    *  If there are problems, they are of someone else’s making
    *  They are better, higher, more important, and more knowledgeable than anyone else

She also has some great tips for how to present your ideas to ‘macho’ or skeptical people.

My score was 16 BTW.

How “Macho” are you?

2 thoughts on “How “Macho” are you?

  • Looks like I’m a mini-macho with 17 points. I’ve been cruising around personality tests on line, and I wonder if you’ve seen the Simon Baron-Cohen quiz on empathizing and systemizing quotients. There’s a Web site called which has it up. What do you think of the ideas about men’s and women’s thinking?

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