leadership emotional intelligence coachingI put this image up on Facebook and a lot of trainers seemed to like it. So here it is – you can use it freely (yes, even for commercial projects) as long as you leave the copyright statement and URL in the image. Of course, I would love it if you include a live link back to https://coachingleaders.co.uk as well. PDF version here: leadership, emotional intelligence, coaching

Click on the image to get a full-size version. I have also started a ‘Free use images for trainers‘ board on Pinterest – that only allows low-res images though (and seems to turn .png files like this into .jpgs) so they will always link back to originals on the blog.

Watch out for more free use training images coming up!

How leadership, emotional intelligence and coaching fit together – royalty free image

3 thoughts on “How leadership, emotional intelligence and coaching fit together – royalty free image

  • Hi,

    I am doing a research on Team Leadership with emphasis on Emotional Intelligence. I wonder if you have such read-ups or direct me to where I can get the more infos.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Andy, good pic. In physics, (back when I studied it at school), they used to say there were two models of how light behaves- a particle model and a wave model. Another way to present might be the ‘brain’’ of emotional intelligence, interacting with the ‘limbs’ of coaching and leadership respectively. Or the ‘water’ of emotional intelligence flowing into ‘channels’ of coaching and leadership respectively.

  • Thanks Simon – the more decent visual metaphors for this the better!

    I’m not quite getting how the wave/particle dichotomy fits in though?

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