Appreciative Inquiry graphic recording

Recently I facilitated an Appreciative Inquiry day around ‘working together better’ with a small financial compliance company. The whole company was in the room (except for a couple of people who were on holiday) and the results included several changes that they could make there and then that would save them money.

So far, so standard for an Appreciative Inquiry process – but the day was immeasurably enhanced by the presence of graphic facilitator Anna Geyer, who produced this stunning illustration of the day’s themes (above – click on the image to make it bigger). It’s about 4 metres long(!), on a single piece of paper, and now hangs in the company’s boardroom.

I don’t know how she does it, but she was able to listen and draw at the same time, to capture the important points from everything that was said. It definitely adds another dimension to the day for people to see their ideas and discoveries being recorded before their eyes in pictorial form.

Anna Geyer graphic recording

The MD of the company sent me the graphic with a note saying “I think this is amazing and it is fantastic to have on record the Discovery and Dream with key words and phrases. This is a great reminder of what we are all about and what we want to achieve.” 

I am honoured to have worked with Anna on a couple of previous occasions (she’s also a graduate of my Practical Appreciative Inquiry facilitator training). You can get the two of us as a package for your Appreciative Inquiry event – or you can contact Anna directly and see examples of her graphic recording and creative facilitation work (not just AI) at


How Graphic Recording Can Add To Appreciative Inquiry

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