** UPDATE – the webinar has now finished but you can still register to see the replay, which will be available on demand for a while **

Free webinar on 11 June – ‘How To Support Your People In Times of Extreme Uncertainty’.

This time we are running it at a USA-friendly time (for the East Coast anyway) of 3pm UK time, which is 9am in Chicago and 10am in New York.

The webinar is a practical introduction to Gervase Bushe’s ‘Experience Cube’ model, which is part of his Clear Leadership approach.

The webinar will be useful for both managers and coaches – it shows you how to use the Experience Cube to reduce anxiety, communicate more clearly, and develop your own self-awareness in the moment.

Reserve your place here

Free Webinar June 11 – How To How To Support Your People In Times of Extreme Uncertainty
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