A free 60-minute webinar with Andy Smith and Elar Killumets.

Date: 7 July 2020     The date’s past, but you can still register to view the replay!

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to consciously separate between empathy and pseudo-empathy (reactive behaviour, that is often mistakenly considered as empathy).
  • How empathy is often a disguise for anxiety.
  • How to substitute pseudo-empathy with a healthy alternative – self-differentiation – and really help your organization and/or family cope with difficult situations.

Register to view the replay here

About your webinar hosts:

Elar Killumets
Elar is an organizational development consultant and certified Clear Leadership trainer. His client list includes KPMG, Adven, Meriton Hotels, SEB bank, and the Estonian Rescue Board.

Andy Smith
Andy is an Appreciative Inquiry facilitator and emotional intelligence coach. His clients include O2, GlaxoSmithKline, the Defence Academy of the UK, and many local authorities and NHS trusts.

Free Webinar 7 July 2020: What Most Leaders Are Getting Wrong About Empathy
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3 thoughts on “Free Webinar 7 July 2020: What Most Leaders Are Getting Wrong About Empathy

  • Hi, please can you confirm how long this webinar lasts? (apologies if I’ve missed this in the details)

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Matt,

      Yes, I probably should have put that information in the post!

      It’s an hour-long webinar – this was on the ‘Reserve Your Place’ page but I’ve added it to the post as well now.

      Andy Smith

  • Thanks for sharing useful resources having good content, you saved my time.. thanks for sharing.

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