There is quite a lot of useful free information about Appreciative Inquiry on the web, so here’s a roundup of some ways you can learn more about AI for no cash outlay. Of course, to really get AI you have to experience it and get some hands-on learning at something like our Practical Appreciative Inquiry facilitator training… and finding out as much as you can about AI before you come on a course is also a very useful thing to do.

The Appreciative Inquiry Commons
This is the one everyone knows about – a vast repository of case studies, articles, PowerPoint slides and links about Appreciative Inquiry. To the complete novice in Appreciative Inquiry, it can be a bit bewildering, and you may wonder “where do I start?”

What is Appreciative Inquiry?
One excellent place to start is our intro page.

Free book – Locating the Energy for Change: An Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry
This 288-page book by Charles Elliott, Dean of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, is a decent, substantial work, downloadable from the website of the International Institute for Sustainable Development. They have other free AI resources too.

Join the Appreciative Inquiry Discussion List
An online community of AI practitioners that you can join for free.

Free downloads from Diana Whitney and Amanda Trosten-Bloom
The Corporation for Positive Change site has a wealth of audio and video recordings, articles, workshop materials, and book excerpts.

AI Practitioner and AI Research Notes articles
Free articles from AI Practitioner magazine, and AI Research notes.

Articles by Gervase Bushe
Perhaps the most thoughtful and original of writers on AI – not afraid to challenge accepted wisdom.

Appreciative Inquiry Blogs
The latest postings from various blogs about Appreciative Inquiry, conveniently brought together in one place.

Free Appreciative Inquiry resources on the web

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