Writing goalsThis exercise will work at the end of pretty much any soft skills course, and especially an NLP-based course.

The aim is to help participants transfer their learning from the training room into real life, and anticipate challenges so as to meet them successfully.

How it works:
In pairs, 15 minutes each way. One ‘planner’, one coach. The coach helps the planner to plan how they are going to put selected skills or techniques from the course into practice, using these steps:

  1. Choose one to three techniques or skills from this workshop that you are going to try out in your working life. For each skill or technique, ask:
  2. Purpose: what will that do for you?
  3. Context: in which context will you use the skill?
  4. Evidence criteria: how will you know that you are making it work?
    – What will you see when you are using this skill successfully?
    – What will you hear when you are using this skill successfully?
    – What will you feel when you are using this skill successfully?
  5. Values (or motivating criteria): what is important to you about using this skill?
  6. What could go wrong, or what challenges could you face? For each challenge, what will you do if that happens? (develop a set of “if-then” rules)

Especially if the course is being run for a team at work, participants could buddy up to support each other and hold each other accountable. You could hold a follow-up workshop or Skype call/Google Hangout one month to three months later to check on progress and help solve any problems.

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An Exercise For The End Of A Training Course

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