I haven’t written many posts for the ‘Emotional Stupidity‘ category of this blog, as I usually prefer to look at things in an appreciative way. Occasionally, though, something comes along which is so emotionally ****witted that it just demands a little rant…

Today I received a nicely formatted email from ‘Newsle’, which said:

Hi Andy,

A friend just invited you to Newsle.

Newsle is a free service that tracks people in the news. With Newsle, you’ll never miss an article about a friend or colleague.

People you may know:

Martin Xxxxx     Jane Yyyyy    Robert Zzzzz


along with little avatar photos of those people.

So if you received an email like that, with names and photos of people you know, would you take that to mean that they had already signed up to this service/network/platform whatever?I did – until I checked with the people involved and found that they had never heard of it.  My trust in the service was trashed before it even got going. The fact that the ‘friend’ was not named didn’t help.Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised as the founders are young men who were studying computer science at Harvard until they took the Zuckerberg route and dropped out last year. In their photos they look about 20.

Some people are naturally gifted with emotional intelligence from a young age, others have to learn it the hard way.

I also wonder if there is a legal issue here? If you buy a photo depicting a person from a stock photography site, you are not allowed to use the photo to endorse a product or service unless you obtain a release. I certainly took the use of my friends’ names and photos to imply that they endorsed or at least were members of the service.

Emotional Stupidity Watch: Newsle

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