Emotional Intelligence is vital for effective leadership. At its simplest, Emotional Intelligence is being able to recognise and understand your own emotions and those of others, being able to manage your own emotions, and being able to handle and inspire emotions in others.

Emotional Intelligence quadrant

Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence quadrant

The good news is that you can improve your own Emotional Intelligence and the ’emotional climate’ of your team and organisation.  We use methods from NLP, embodied cognition and mindfulness, supplemented by research from positive psychology and brain science, distilled into practical. easy-to-understand tools that you can use straight away.

Our training can give your managers effective methods to lead with emotional intelligence and improve the emotional climate of their teams. We regularly conduct in-house ‘Emotional Intelligence for Leaders’ courses for clients in the UK, the Middle East, and South East Asia.

Our executive coaching can help you increase your effectiveness as a leader (using the Hay Group’s Emotional and Social Competence Inventory ESCI 360º assessment), or gain increased self-awareness in your interactions with others (using the DISC profile).

The ‘Practical EQ’ emotional intelligence self-assessment is free for individual use – or you can license it to use with your clients and course delegates if you’re a coach or trainer.

Contact Andy Smith at andy@coachingleaders.co.uk to get more details of how we can help you.

Find out more:
Click on the banner to view a webinar on ‘Leading With Emotional Intelligence’ that I ran for the Madinah Institute of Learning and Entrepreneurship:

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