Emotional Intelligence‘ by Daniel Goleman is one of those books that lots of people buy, but many give up before they get half way. The writing style is fine, there’s just so much information in there.

If you’re daunted by the thought of wading through the whole thing, ‘!8 year old entrepreneur and writer’ (what have I been doing with my life?) Ben Casnocha has written some useful crib notes.

I hadn’t come across Ben before today – for a young guy he thinks alarmingly deeply.

‘Emotional Intelligence’ in a nutshell

One thought on “‘Emotional Intelligence’ in a nutshell

  • Hello Andy:

    Thanks for the pointer. I’m sure lots of busy people will find Ben’s overview useful. I agree with your comment about there being a dearth of products that help people increase their EQ. I’ve ordered your book and will read it with interest.

    I’ve written the Tune Up Your Emotional Intelligence Workbook‚Ñ¢. It’s 23 pages and there are practical exercises at the end of each chapter. It’s available free in pdf format at my website http://www.tuneupyoureq.com. I also include EQ raising tips at my blog http://www.tuneupyoureq.com/category/blog/

    I welcome your comments on the Workbook.

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