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Discover your strengths, and areas for development, with the Emotional And Social Competence Inventory (ESCI)™ 360-degree Assessment of your emotional intelligence competencies as they relate to leadership.

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Why Emotional Intelligence?


Research has shown that, at the executive and professional level, emotional intelligence or “EQ” (as it is often called) is a better predictor of success than “IQ”.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize and manage emotions (yours and others).

The emotionally intelligent person exhibits such competencies as accurate self-assessment, self-control, empathy, and influence. The ability to accurately assess and develop these competencies will set your organisation apart.

Research by the Hay Group, Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis has found:

– Software developers with high levels of emotional intelligence can develop effective software three times faster than others.

– Sales Consultants with high levels of emotional intelligence generate twice the revenue of their colleagues.

– A national furniture retailer found that sales people hired based on emotional intelligence had half the drop out rate during their first year.

– Experienced partners in a multi-national consulting firm who were assessed on their levels of emotional intelligence delivered $1.2 million more profit from their accounts than did other partners – a 139% incremental gain.

Why The ESCI?

“The ESCI is the only instrument that incorporates the full depth of my research and that of my colleagues.”

—Daniel Goleman, Ph.D., author of Emotional Intelligence and co-author of The New Leaders

The Emotional And Social Competence Inventory (ESCI) was developed by the Hay Group in conjunction with Daniel Goleman and other leading experts in emotional intelligence and competency research.

It is a structured and systematic way of asking people who know you well, how they see you behaving in specific situations. Of course, the competencies it measures are those which are most relevant to work.

It uses 360-degree feedback (both structured and freeform written comments) to assess your Emotional Intelligence, compared to a target group of successful leaders and managers. Then it helps you start to identify what you can do to improve it.

Fast forward to how we can help you

Measuring Is Only The First Step

We work closely with you to design a programme that meets your specific needs around Emotional Intelligence.

The ESCI can help you, your management team, and your key professionals to increase effectiveness. We never use the ESCI just as an assessment tool – its true value is as a tool to help you develop.

The ESCI uses three sources of knowledge on Emotional Intelligence spanning 35 years of research:

Competencies: David McClelland identified that every competency has a “tipping point” of proficiency that separates high performers from others.  For each key behavior, the tipping point provides an attainable development goal.

Development: Richard Boyatzis of Case Western Reserve University has demonstrated how to develop competencies with significant improvement sustained in three-year follow up evaluations.

Emotional Intelligence: Daniel Goleman identified 12 emotional intelligence-based competencies that, together, account for 67% of the measured high performance across 181 job-specific competency models.

Making A Hard Case For The ‘Soft’ Stuff

Getting the ‘soft’ stuff on the agenda of battle hardened managers can be tough. But this is no touchy-feely fluff. EI is backed up with decades of excellent research, establishing the credibility and business rationale. The hard facts and proven benefits allow organisations to open up an area they know is really important but haven’t been able to go near for fear of a backlash.

Not only that, but by giving managers and staff a framework  of shared language and concepts you can transform the richness and quality of feedback across the organisation.

One of this things our clients get really excited about when using this tool is the ‘verbatim comments’ section in the feedback reports. After the questions, everyone gets a blank sheet to talk about their view of a person’s key strengths and make suggestions about how they could develop. For many people this is first real feedback they’ve had. After reading these comments people walk away clearer about what their unique contribution and value in an organisation – which has to be good for motivation.

How It Works

After we help you decide on the best ESCI programme to fit your needs, we set up the diagnostics administration process. This involves you answering an online questionnaire of 68 questions about yourself.

We then ask you to nominate some colleagues who know you well (your manager, direct reports, clients etc). We contact them and ask them to fill in the same online questionnaire about you. This is a totally confidential service.

The report compares your assessment of yourself with how you appear to others – which can be a valuable revelation in itself.


The ESCI data is reported in two ways—individually and organizationally:

Individually—each 28-page personalized feedback report includes easy-to-understand instructions for interpreting the feedback, an overview of the emotional competence model, validation of data quality in the feedback, a personal summary of emotional competence, and competency details.

Organizationally—the individual ESCI data can be rolled up to form a Workforce Audit for a team, department, or entire organization.  The Workforce Audit includes a comprehensive organizational summary of emotional competence, including an overview of competency gaps for the group and recommended strategy for closing the gaps, and competency details.

Click here to download a Sample ESCI Report.

Who Can Administer The ESCI?

The ESCI is limited to accredited users who can demonstrate the ability to give accurate, comprehensive EI feedback to others.

The Korn Ferry Hay Group database on leaders and organisations is the most extensive in the world. The ESCI draws directly upon this database and is constantly being researched and revised based on the latest research findings. Accredited users are kept up to date with the latest research through a users’ website.

Andy Smith is an accredited user of the ESCI assessment. He has 25 years experience of helping individuals and groups to make deep changes and rapid progress.

For large-scale projects we bring in other ESCI-accredited trusted associates as needed.

Are you a senior executive or key professional?

Select from these options:

Option 1: The Practical EQ Coaching Programme – £3975


– ESCI report
– 5 x 2 hour face to face coaching sessions
– Action plan format, values mapping and other worksheets as needed
– Follow-up ESCI report
– Final wrap-up/next steps session


– The preferred format for rapid behavioural change, because it’s possible to make changes at both conscious and deeper levels using NLP and other frameworks for personal evolution

Option 2: ESCI + Zoom Coaching Programme – £1995


– ESCI report
– 6 x 60 minute monthly coaching sessions conducted via Zoom (or similar)
– Action plan format, values mapping and other worksheets as needed

Optional follow-up ESCI report + 60 mins debrief – £350


– You can take the programme wherever in the world you are based
– Ongoing support as you carry out your action plan

Option 3: ESCI report and debrief – £395


– ESCI report
– debrief by Zoom (or similar), up to 90 minutes
– A format for your personal action plan

Optional follow-up ESCI report + 60 mins debrief – £350


– Provides a comprehensive starting point for developing your personal action plan
– You can use the insights you get as the basis for further coaching, either with us or another provider
– You can take the ESCI wherever in the world you are based

Bespoke Corporate Programmes

As well as the options for senior executives and key professionals, we can also design and implement emotional intelligence training, coaching and culture change programmes for your team or your whole organisation.

Choose from:

– taster sessions
– the “Leading With Emotional Intelligence” one or two-day workshop for managers
– team development and coaching
– developing a coaching culture
– train the trainer

Take The Next Step

Email me at andy@coachingleaders.co.uk to discuss your requirements or just to get the answers to any questions you may have.

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