I like my dentist’s. It’s got state of the art equipment, the guy who fixes my teeth is friendly and intelligent, they have attractive reception staff, a comfortable waiting room, classy city-centre location – it’s a pleasure to visit (to the extent that it’s possible to enjoy going to the dentist).

But I’m going to switch to my wife’s dentist. Why? One simple reason – they won’t take my calls. Twice this week I’ve been ‘held in a queue’ for over 10 minutes.

Like I said, I like my dentist’s. I was prepared to do the 45-minute trek into town for appointments (my wife’s dentist is in our village, walking distance). But none of the technical expertise and friendly welcome counts for anything if I can’t make a bl**ding appointment!

Customer service is important. I found a great resource for it the other day – the Customer Service Reader weblog. They read all the sources and gurus on customer service so we don’t have to!

They also have a Customer Service Reader Squidoo Lens which is a more structured intro to customer service. It’s keeping my new Practical EQ lens (an intro and selection of EQ links and books) off the #1 slot for emotional intelligence – but I’m recommending it anyway, because it’s excellent.

Do Your Employees Have Good EQs?

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