Do you need an easy, structured method of note taking that aids your understanding and recall so you get the most from your learning time? The Cornell Method, developed by education professor Walter Pauk at Cornell University, absolutely fits the bill.

Here’s a handy infographic summary from

Cornell Note Taking Method

I should add this caveat from my friend Steve Cowie, an award-winning Learning and Development consultant, as something extra to think about when using this method – or note-taking in general:
“One thing I don’t do is re-phrase. There’s a possibility of a subtle or larger change of meaning from that which the originator intends.” (source: Facebook discussion)

(note: the ‘info taken from’ link at the bottom of the graphic doesn’t seem to be there any more, so instead you can get a fuller explanation from Cornell University’s Learning Strategies Centre)

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As so often, I’m indebted to Garry Platt for making me aware of this method.

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Learning Tip: The Cornell Note Taking Method

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