Why Your Brain Is Hardwired For Negativity, And What You Can Do About It

Why Your Brain Is Hardwired For Negativity, And What You Can Do About It

There’s a wealth of research showing that most people give more attention to threats than opportunities, for example: Negative experiences are remembered in more detail than positive ones Our attitudes are influenced more heavily by bad news than good news…

‘Growth’ vs ‘Fixed’ mindsets – and why it’s important to have a ‘growth’ mindset

Anyone interested in personal development will have come across the Henry Ford quote “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” This quote is so often repeated because it encapsulates an essential truth – that self-belief…

Ceiling height affects creativity

Research by Joan Meyers-Levy and Rui (Juliet) Zhu  found that, depending on the
situation, ceiling height will benefit or impair consumer responses.

"When a person is in
a space with a 10-foot ceiling, they will tend to think more freely,
more abstractly," said Meyers-Levy. "They might process more abstract
connections between objects in a room, whereas a person in a room with
an 8-foot ceiling will be more likely to focus on specifics."

This information is take from the University of Minnesota's press release.

The findings suggest to me that the human brain works metaphorically – although this article by Chris Morris offers an alternative explanation, that people just have more room to make big pictures in their minds when there is a high ceiling.

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