A Zoom-based service to make life easier for coaches and consultants implementing Appreciative Inquiry for the first time.

Trying out a new method for the first time can be scary – why not book a call and get the benefit of my experience to help you plan an Appreciative Inquiry implementation you can be confident in?

If this is you…

  • You’re a consultant and you’ve read a couple of Appreciative Inquiry books. You’d like to try some AI in your upcoming client project. But where do you start?
  • You’re fresh off an Appreciative Inquiry course. You’ve got all the theory – but how clear are you on how to implement each stage in practice?
  • You’re an experienced one-to-one coach. Now you’re making a move into group coaching and you want to use an appreciative approach – but how do you structure your session?

Book a call with me and we’ll go through the practical aspects of what you’re planning and maybe enrich it with some fresh ideas.

Booking the call also gives you lifetime access to the Practical Appreciative Inquiry self-paced course

When you book a one-hour Appreciative Inquiry consultation, I’ll grant you lifetime access to all the resources in this self-paced course. It’s an ideal reference to back up your Appreciative Inquiry practice with in-depth knowledge, and includes:

  • 42 bite-sized instructional videos
  • Course manual
  • Practical Appreciative Inquiry toolkit (includes agendas for 1-day AI summit and half-day Discovery session, appreciative interview sheets, appreciative feedback forms, suggested art materials, table facilitator briefings, suggested room layout, and tips for lead facilitators)
  • Links to resources for further study
  • $100 discount on the Practical Appreciative Inquiry live facilitator training, that you can use whenever you’re ready to take it

How to book your one-hour Appreciative Inquiry call

Book a time slot to suit you in my online scheduler
(the scheduler only shows my normal office hours – if they don’t work for your time zone, email me and we’ll work out a time that suits us both)

Pay for your call in advance (note: the booking isn’t finalised until you’ve submitted your payment)


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