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Here are some of the best Appreciative Inquiry articles and podcasts I’ve come across in the last month or so

  1. Strategic Relationship Building from Nick Heap. It’s a workshop description built around Appreciative Inquiry for helping two organisations with different cultures work together. The description includes workshop outline and helpful pre-course questions and post-course evaluation questions.
  2. ‘A Cognitive Skill to Magnify Humanity’ – podcast interview (with transcript) with Trabian Shorters, visionary developer of ‘Asset Framing’. Very interesting things to say about society, the brain, the appreciative viewpoint, the power of words…
  3. Conversations Worth Having – podcast interview with Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres.
    An episode of the Rebel HR podcast (with occasionally dodgy machine-created transcription) interviewing Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres, authors of Conversations Worth Having. Lots of useful ideas, including some I missed the first time I read the book!
    (in fact it inspired me to write an article expanding on one of the points they make – you can read it here)
  4. How to run a large AI project virtually – a *very* useful case study on how to run a large(ish) scale Appreciative Inquiry summit virtually (it’s a free downloadable PDF of an article from ‘AI Practitioner’ magazine)
  5. ‘Leading in a Constantly Changing World Requires a Reinvention Mindset: Applying Appreciative Inquiry to Modern Leadership’ – article by Lindsey Godwin

What other AI resources have you discovered recently? Let us know in the comments!

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The Best Appreciative Inquiry Resources On The Web – March 2022 Round-Up

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