If you’re a trainer running open courses, and you’d like to see at a glance how many sign-ups you need to break even, you can save yourself a lot of time by getting the Open Course Profit Calculator. 

It helps you to see at a glance how many students you need before you hit the break-even point. I’ve just upgraded it to version 3.0, adding some powerful new features:

  • Up to three different course fee rates (e.g. full price, early booking, concessionary rate) 
  • Number of days
  • Up to three trainer day rates plus assistant rate 
  • Specify the number of days each trainer is present 
  • Delegate day rate and/or venue hire
  • Fixed costs
  • Per delegate costs
  • Up to 500 delegates

You can download the Open Course Profit Calculator here.

Attention Trainers – Open Course Profit Calculator now upgraded!

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