Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is an exciting approach to change that identifies and builds on strengths, rather than analysing problems and trying to fix them. We can facilitate Appreciative Inquiry processes for your company, or we can train you to run them yourself.

Appreciative Inquiry

You can use Appreciative Inquiry for changing your whole organisation, for team-building, or for one-to-one coaching.

When you use Appreciative Inquiry you can expect these advantages over conventional ‘deficit-focused’ approaches to problem-solving and organisational change:

  • greater staff engagement and ‘ownership’ of change rather than cynicism and apathy
  • quicker results – change starts as soon as you start asking appreciative questions
  • encourages real conversations about what matters, rather than closing them down
  • restores morale
  • builds openness and trust, and reduces defensiveness
  • makes change initiatives more realistic and robust, because you get input from multiple perspectives
  • you can build a credible future vision more rapidly, because it’s based on reference experiences of success
  • builds change management expertise within your organisation, rather than being reliant on outside consultants

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