Do you need help with facilitating an Appreciative Inquiry event?

**COVID update!** Currently, it’s not practicable to get 30 or 100 people together in a room for a traditional ‘Appreciative Inquiry summit’. But it’s OK, because 2020 has proved that we can successfully facilitate Appreciative Inquiry events virtually.

When I have facilitated online Appreciative Inquiry events (and run training courses virtually) this year, I was pleasantly surprised at how engaged the participants were, and the results they got from the process.

Online meeting tools like Zoom are adding features and improving security all the time, and they make it possible to run Appreciative Inquiry events that are nearly as good for the participants (so still pretty amazing) as a face-to-face event would be.

In addition, the costs to the organisation are far less – no venue hire, no travel or accommodation expenses, and participants don’t need to take any extra time out of work beyond the meeting itself for travel.

So if you’ve been thinking about implementing Appreciative Inquiry but thought that social distancing would make it impossible, think again! And email me at for advice.

Appreciative Inquiry facilitationWhether it’s a one-day event to help your team solve a specific problem, a strategy session with your management team, an Appreciative Inquiry summit, or a ‘whole-system’ change over a period of months, we can help you make it a success.

We have a network of experienced Appreciative Inquiry facilitators, plus other specialists such as visual facilitators and film crews to capture all the outputs from your event.

Appreciative Inquiry clients in the private, public and voluntary sectors include:

gsklogoHandpicked HotelsDefence Academy of the UK

Contact Andy Smith at today to discuss your needs. To contact me by phone, bear in mind that I am often working on site, sometimes out of phone signal range, so text (SMS) first to +44 (0)7967 591 313 and I can call you back.

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