Have you ever wondered how you could use the 4-D appreciative inquiry format for gathering feedback? This is a draft of what we will be sending out to people who have completed our courses.

One of the virtues of making the 4-D structure explicit in the form is that it acts as another reminder for the students.

Feel free to adapt the questions to your own needs.
Now that you have had some time to reflect on and use what you learned on
the Practical Appreciative Inquiry facilitator training, it may be the
appropriate time to ask for some feedback. We are road-testing a 4-D
feedback request structure – feel free to copy or adapt it if it works for

1. Discovery
What did you appreciate about the course? What were the best aspects for

2. Dream
What would the course have been like in an ideal world?

3. Design
What practical changes could we make to the course to make it better?

4. Delivery
How have you been using the Appreciative Inquiry methods you learned on the
course? What are you doing differently now?

Let us know what you think!

Appreciative Feedback Form

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