Want to be a better leader and coach?

Get a free step-by-step guide to using Appreciative Inquiry to help your team work together better

Practical Appreciative Inquiry

Get started using Appreciative Inquiry confidently with teams and small groups!

Apply for a place on our live online open courses, available wherever you are in the world. 

Or enquire about bespoke in-house and face-to-face training in Appreciative Inquiry.

Help with facilitating all kinds of Appreciative Inquiry events, from large-scale summits to an appreciative team building day.

If your team is dispersed across different locations, we can facilitate AI events virtually too!

Implementing your first Appreciative Inquiry project? You know the theory, but what do you need to look out for in practice?

Book an hour’s consultation with me and we’ll go through the practical aspects of what you’re planning and maybe enrich it with some fresh ideas.

Plus I’ll give you access to my Appreciative Inquiry resources!


"I enjoy working with Andy immensely. He demonstrates deep wisdom in his field and applies what he knows with integrity. His approach is a refreshing and innovative blend of theory, practice and application. His resources are always of excellent quality and he offers a supportive after service which differentiates him clearly from many other service providers."


"I found Andy's Practical Appreciative Inquiry course to be one of the best courses that I have taken online. I found his knowledge of the subject extended far beyond "book" learning and offered insights not normally found in the average instructor. I left the course confident that I could not only apply Appreciative Thinking in my own work but adequate enough to get others started down that path.

A Selection Of Appreciative Inquiry Clients

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